Friday, June 21, 2013


Am I easily distracted? Yes. Research distracts me. I start off looking for one thing and think - oh that looks interesting and click on that, and then on that, and that and before I know where I am, I'm checking out which beach in Chile is the most dangerous - only to find there has been a mass landing of crustaceans and the beach is covered with prawns. Now, I need to look further. This has nothing to do with the story I'm writing. I was supposed to be looking up kite surfing. Oh well, I might be able to use the prawn covered beach at some point.

Or not.

Photo courtesy of Chile's public affairs office.

Friday, June 14, 2013

An exciting, excellent, extraordinary read!

I've just read the box set of Boreal and John Grey by my friend Chrystalla Thoma. If you like fantasy, paranormal stories, elves, strange creatures, lots of action and a touch of romance, you really need to give this a try.

During the 13th century In Iceland, epic poems and tales called Edda spoke of the aelfar – the elves. Tall and pale – their name means ‘white’ – these trickster beings brought misfortune and illness, and exchanged healthy children with sickly changelings.
Now the Gates are opening once more between worlds and the elves are back.
Ella Benson, Paranormal Bureau agent, fights all that comes through the Veil – dangerous Shades crossing into our world. But increasingly dangerous creatures are slipping into her city, her work partner has just gone missing, and a mysterious – and, frankly, quite hot — guy saves her life. His name is Finn and, as it turns out, he’s a natural when it comes to fighting the Shades.
When after centuries of peace the Gates between the worlds start opening and our old enemies, the elves, make a comeback, Ella needs a new, temporary partner. Enlisting the mysterious Finn is a no-brainer, until she realizes he is guarding dangerous secrets of his own.
Together with Finn, and the fate of the world on her shoulders, what’s Ella to do but grab her weapons and figure it all out, one way or another.

Read the complete First Season of the series Boreal and John Grey, books 1-5 (The Encounter, The Gate, The Dragon, The Dream and The Truth) at a special price with an Author’s Note at the end.

This is urban fantasy verging on paranormal romance. A sexy love story set against a backdrop of dragons, trolls and magical portals, fast-paced action scenes and suspense. 
Once I started reading - I couldn't stop!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cover reveal for Perfect Trouble.

This is my next story out with TotaleBound but not until November.

Unwilling to forgo final respects even from a distance, Jinx sneaks to the funeral of a mother she hasn’t seen for fifteen years, and lands in the worst trouble of her life. The alpha of the Washburn Valley pack never stopped searching for her and now he has Jinx, he’s not going to let her go. She’s extraordinary breeding material—a super wolf in every way; fast, smart and an exceptional shifter—but she’d rather eat her own eyeballs than mate with him. She just needs to figure out a way to escape.

Jonah’s been in trouble all his life. The faery is currently under an indenture punishment for theft, but the idea of doing an extraction from the Washburn Valley pack fills him with dread. The wolves know his face, know he stole their gold and if they catch him, they’ll eat his guts, with or without ketchup. But saying no when he’s ordered north isn’t an option. His plan to get into the compound works, but that’s the only thing that does. He’s staked and wrapped in iron without even getting a glimpse of his target.

For a pair born to trouble, a shifter and a fairy could be perfect for each other, if only they survive long enough to do more than run.