Friday, January 31, 2014

Please welcome Molly Ann Wishlade!!!

Isn't this the most perfect cover!!!!

Molly's new book - Trying Too Hard came out on the 29th January with Carina Publishing. It's a contemporary erotic romance with a rugby star as its hero. For those American unfamiliar with rugby - it's a bit like American football but faster moving! The aim - like American Football - is to carry the ball over the line and in rugby - that's called a try. Hence Molly's great title - Trying Too Hard.

The Blurb

What’s the French word for lust…?

Hired as an intern at a coveted talent agency, blonde bubbly Catrin Owens knew she could be brilliant at the job. The code of conduct is crystal clear – business is business, pleasure is pleasure…and the two should never, ever meet! No problem for Catrin - she’s hardworking, and determined to excel. Until, that is, she meets the 6 ft-something wall of lean muscle that is her boss’ top client…

Scarred, and brimming with forbidden sex appeal, the French rugby star Henri Chevallier crashes through the walls of Catrin’s neatly-ordered life – and throws her polished professionalism aside like a scrap of sheer French lingerie!

The sex is fierce, exhilarating…life-changing – and almost all the more exciting as she knows she’s risking the career she dreamed of. Catrin knows she should step away. The problem? Henri is a temptation she can’t seem to resist…

 “There you are!”
The voice was like silk against Catrin’s skin and a flicker of lust darted like a hot tongue between her legs. The poky, clinical office kitchen suddenly seemed too warm, its aroma of burnt toast overpowering. The air conditioning hummed in vain as Catrin’s body was flooded with heat.
The new arrival took hold of her shoulders in large, powerful hands and pushed her towards the counter so that her stomach pressed against the hard melamine edge. Her heart picked up its pace. The fine hairs on the back of her neck pricked up.
“Catrin,” he whispered into her right ear, causing a blonde tendril of hair that had freed itself from her chignon to flutter.
“Yes?” she whispered, her nipples tightening in anticipation.
“I missed you this morning.” He nibbled her earlobe. She shivered as he ran his fingers slowly down her sides.
“Henri.” She leaned into his warmth, felt the strength of his stomach muscles against her back, his heat searing through her thin blouse. “I had to get back to my apartment. You know...feed the cat.”
“What cat?” he said, trickling slow kisses down her neck then sliding his hands under her arms to cup her breasts.
She sighed as his exquisite touch fired her passion and her breathing quickened. She slid around in his arms then pressed a trembling hand upon his broad chest.
“Please, Henri…”
“What is it, chérie?” He tipped her chin upwards with a fingertip and his cologne washed over her. She savoured the fresh green woody tones. At their edge she could make out something else, something even more delicious: his musky masculine scent. It made her want to open his shirt and press her face against his belly to breathe him in.
“I can’t keep going like this,” she smiled, trying to regain her composure but desire pulsed through her core like a lusty demon possession.
“Like what, Catrin?”
He reached out and stroked the back of his free hand over her black satin skirt and she groaned, moving towards him even though a voice at the back of her mind reprimanded her. He laughed softly at her body’s betrayal and turned his hand around, pressing it against the apex of her thighs and cupping the ready flesh beneath.
She slumped against the counter, her eyes half-closed. Her legs turned to jelly as he lifted her skirt to her thighs.
Here I go again!
Her common sense drifted away like cobwebs on the wind and her body revealed her true emotions with every breath she took.
Oh, t’es la plus belle femme du monde!” he gasped.
Pardon, chérie!” he laughed. “I said that you are the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“Oh,” she smiled, “Thank you.” She loved it when Henri spoke his own language but wished that she could understand him better. A GCSE in French hadn’t equipped her for communicating with a French lover.
She relaxed and closed her eyes again as he ran his hands over her thighs.
“And this is what I love about you!”
Her eyes shot open.
He pushed her skirt right up to her hips then fingered the tops of her hold-ups and she realised what he meant. This Frenchman loved a woman’s body with all the trimmings, which was lucky as she liked pretty underwear. It was just more fun to have someone to appreciate it.
Mere moments ago she’d been spooning two sugars into her coffee cup, desperately in need of a caffeine fix after yet another long night of French loving with the handsome rugby player.
She was exhausted. Exhilarated. Still horny.
It was hard to believe that it was only two nights ago, on a rather cold, drizzly July evening that she’d accompanied her boss – the renowned celebrity agent Liam H. Clarkson – to an annual dinner. It had been the sixth anniversary of the establishment of Clarkson and Gwillam Celebrity Agency. It now had five branches across Europe, with the possibility of further growth, so spirits were at an all-time high.
And it had been there, deep in the cavernous candlelit corridors and ante-chambers of Cardiff Castle, polished, manicured and poured into her best lbd, that Catrin had met Henri.
And since then, her feet hadn’t touched the ground!

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Summer Girl Winter Boy - available 12th Feb from Ellora's Cave

Jai Winter is trying to do the right thing, even though he knows it’s wrong. Forced to participate in kinky sex games, the renowned model spends his spare moments creating an impressive list of suicide options. Until a snowy day provides a bit of Summer…a pink-haired burst of sunshine with a ready smile. What begins as the hottest sex of his life turns into a ray of hope.

Summer Dey has baggage of her own—literally. Having spent eighteen months in South America trying to escape a shocking accident, Summer finds an illegal nightmare hidden in her suitcase. She doesn’t want to put Jai in danger, but his gorgeous face and killer bod prove hard to resist.

Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, and everything would be perfect if it wasn’t for blackmail, drug dealers and tragic events in both their pasts. Staying together could be their salvation—or their ultimate undoing.

*   *   *   *   *   *
This story is about Jai Winter who's the twin of Richard Winter in Strangers. Kate and Charlie have a scene in this book! I'm always getting asked - well two people have asked - for more about Kate and Charlie. I don't find it easy to take up with two characters again when I've given them their happy ending, but I don't mind putting them in other books. Richard was horrible in Strangers and I'm afraid he's still a bit of a D... 

The cover - sigh - well Jai is supposed to be a male supermodel so you need to ignore this guy's big muscles but Summer is perfect!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Another ending

I'm within spitting distance - though I never spit - er unless I'm cleaning my teeth - or maybe if I swallow a bug - I think I've covered everything there - back to the point - I'm within spitting distance of finishing an MM paranormal. Bloodline is the story of a faerie called Micah and a vampire called Inigo. It's a follow up to Jumping in Puddles. Though the two books are linked and best read in order, they do also work as stand alones. This is the first time I've picked up a story where it left off and written another. While Jumping had a proper ending, readers asked me what happened to Micah - hence the story I've been working on for the last few months.
It's only going to be 70,000 or thereabouts. Not quite as long as many of mine but hopefully long enough for the publisher to consider for print. Any longer and they won't and though I make a pittance from paperbacks, I do so like to see them on my bookshelf.
I've not even written a blurb for Bloodline - tentative title - yet. I struggle with that more than anything - apart from the last few thousand words. I don't like it when my stories end. I've loved my characters, loved being in their world - apart from at 2.00 am when I toss and turn trying to sort out a plot problem. But at some point in the next few days, I'll be able to mentally write - the end - and the story will wing its way to my beta readers.
Next on the cards - a suspense story - NOT erotic though there is plenty of sex in it. It's been on my laptop for too long but I'm going to have to self-publish this one. After that I have an idea for a contemporary MM - got a title - Falling Forever.

This is me with son and partner's dog - Charlotte - out for a walk in Dallas. Nothing whatsoever to do with the blogpost. I hadn't even spat out a bug!