Friday, May 27, 2011

An extra-ordinary review for An Ordinary Girl

I've had a fantastic review for An Ordinary Girl by The Long and Short of it. My book is now up for book of the week. Yippee. Voting only over this weekend. I'm not going to beg for votes. I'd love to win but I don't know enough people - oh darn it, yes I am going to beg. I don't know that many people but I do love this book and believe in it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rocked - out today!! With Loose-Id

The Rock
Desired by men and women, Eli’s good looks make sexual conquest easy until he attends a party at the Supernatural Museum, where they land him in deep trouble. He says no to the wrong women, and his punishment is to learn the ultimate meaning of loneliness.

The Stone Maiden
Much to her family’s disappointment, not only is Pepper single but she works a hard and dirty job as an apprentice stonemason. Pepper loves bringing stone to life with her chisel but struggles with the isolation that comes with being different. Then there’s her attraction to her boss, Alessandro, who appears to prefer men. When Eli materializes out of nowhere, Pepper can hardly believe her eyes. Now she’s caught between a rock and a hard place.

The Hard Place
His hands hardened by years training to become a master stonemason, Alessandro is an expert at his craft, but not in matters of the heart. A daily frustration when he’s in hopelessly in love with Pepper and the man of his dreams has disappeared. As Alessandro’s team begins to restore the Supernatural Museum, he, Pepper and Eli are drawn into the building’s secrets and risk losing everything they hold dear.

The link -

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to get myself on the best seller list at Amazon

I wish I knew. I just read a fascinating article by a guy who did manage to do that by writing a book that was called something like - What Men Think About Apart From Sex. The book was full of blank pages. I'm wondering now if I should issue my own version - What Women Wished Men Thought About Apart From Sex. Trouble is, it wouldn't sell, would it? We women already know the answer and men don't want to hear it.
So I'll just have to try to get 'Rocked' - out next Tuesday - with Loose -ID to sell a million. I shall spread the word on Facebook - to my handful of followers, on Twitter to even fewer followers, to my family - who gulp at my depravity, to my loyal readers to whom I send virtual hugs and to the dog, who I know would buy hundreds of copies if I'd lend him the money.
Actually, Rocked won't be out on Amazon straight away, I suppose, so I have time to work on my master plan for world domination.
Unfortunately, I'm too honest to put my own raving reviews on about my own work, too honest (and too poor) to buy hundreds of copies to boost ratings, so I have to rely on people spreading the word.
If you like my writing, please tell others! If you don't like it, don't tell anyone. Not even me - not on Thursdays anyway.

Now to cheer me up - above is a picture of my foot cushion.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Manipulating Characters

Usually, I start writing with no idea where the story is going, nor what my characters will be like. But those details come fast once I get going. For some reason, this time, I decided beforehand what I want my characters to be like and now they are NOT cooperating.
First version they were cool dudes. Second, they were cheeky flirts. Third version - somewhere between the two. I've tried sitting and thinking it out. Tried swimming it out at the gym, but they've not formed yet in my mind. The female has - but it's the relationship between her and the two guys that has me flummoxed this time.
I don't want to leave this story alone because I've been dying to write it. The alternative is my story about Walmart. Which will probably have to be renamed Tarmart or Sexmart something. That's going to have a big cast of characters, so I really need to grab the current three by the neck and make them behave. Since i can't even control the dog, I don't stand much chance.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ashes by Arlene Webb - out May 20th!!!!!!!

Ashes by Arlene Webb

Lyle holds his murdered brother and wants his life to end too. When the unbelievable happens, he’ll sacrifice anything to avoid the final stage of grief, and comes to learn life is just beginning.

Not happening. Four hours pass while Lyle Logan holds his brother's corpse and pretends he’s the one not breathing.

Those responsible are dead. Only one reason to live now—vengeance.

Please. Lyle will do anything to alter reality. But he can’t. Instead he fills his stomach with ashes and unwittingly devours a myth.

I want to die. Guilt holds hands with grief. Lyle doesn’t care when authorities conclude that he committed the crime of Cain.

Acceptance. Lyle has no choice but to acknowledge the entity burning within.

When five stages lead to a precipice, Lyle takes the next step. So what he’ll lose his humanity and hold a miraculous creature hostage.

Resolution. Ashes to life, he will find a way to his brother.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why I can’t lie

I think I might be programmed not to lie. Every time I’ve tried, I’ve come unstuck. For example, took my son to see a 12 years-and-over film when he was 10. Yes, I know, bad, bad mother but he really wanted to go and he was tall for his age so – before we reached the kiosk to buy the tickets, I’m standing there practicing giving his brand new date of birth. The woman selling the tickets says – how old is he? Ten I say. My daughter kicked me. I mean 12, I blurt. I think the ticket seller took pity on my kids for having such a hopeless mother and she let us in.

Today, I took my daughter to a wholesale warehouse that sells silk flowers and everything a florist or interior designer would need—ever. I had to borrow my neighbor’s card to get in because I don’t have one. Fearing I’d have to sign in – I spent twenty minutes practicing her signature. Of course, the moment I started to sign in the warehouse, my writing morphed into something completely different. A bit like a five year olds. Luckily they didn’t check it against the card. But all the way round the store, my daughter teased me saying they’d make me arrange flowers before they let me leave. We reach the checkout – confirm your name, says the cashier. Oh darn it, not one of my finer moments.

You’d think when I spend most of my time making up stories, I wouldn’t have such an issue telling fibs in real life but I do. I blame my mother. In fact, I blame her for everything. None of it’s my fault. Ooh, maybe I can tell fibs.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What she says and what she means

I’m not upset………………………I’m furious, you complete moron!

I feel like it’s fate that we met……I’ve been stalking you for weeks

You’re so…big……………………You’re fat

Put out the lights…………………I’m fat

I never do this on a first date……I always do this on a first date

I love alpha males………………..You’re going to buy me drinks and a meal

You have a unique style…………You look terrible

It’s not you, it’s me……………… It’s definitely you

That’s a strong aftershave………God, you stink

I’m really picky…………………...I’m desperate