Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where I write

Probably of no interest to anyone - but - I'm trying to think of something to write about that I haven't covered before. I write in the room  amusingly referred to as 'the music room'. It used to be where the kids kept their instruments - violins, saxophone, piano, recorders, trumpet, guitars - all of which have now gone apart from the piano which I play very badly. It's on my left. Behind me are shelves of books, hundreds and hundreds of them, anally arranged in groups according to genre and author but not alphabetical - though I would if I could! On my right are doors to the garden. But what's most interesting is that in front of me is a completely blank wall. I'm so easily distracted, if there was anything on it, I'd never write a thing. My desk is a cluttered mess, bits of paper with notes, lots of books, the phone - oh
and glass of wine. That's not usual but I've had a long day

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Is variety the spice of life?

I'm wondering -- never a good thing for me because it inevitably leads to depression. BUT - am I right to write in so many different 'genres'. I've apostrophed that because I don't really know the right word. And I'm a writer - told you I was depressed!!
Anyway - I write contemporary and paranormal books. Yep, those ARE genres.  The latter have vamps, weres, fae and anyone else I can lump in with them. I don't see me changing direction there. I'll always write them both because I like the variety.
But MF or MMF or MM? Is it better to stick to one? Do I lose readers who don't like MM or who dislike MF? Do they just ignore those 'genres' they don't like? Should I stick to one and try and make my name better known? Or do I just keep doing what I'm doing? I've just submitted an MF story which is the start of a possible series. I had a MM in mind for the second book, but is that going to annoy people? What to do....what to do.....
Not that I'm doing much today but listen to a dog bark and get a headache.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Since I mostly write erotic romance it comes as a surprise to people when I say that's not what I read. Not to say I don't ever read it, I do but I'm very picky about what I like. I feel it's a little like eating chocolate. I like it but I don't like all types and I don't want to eat it every day. My main problem with many erotic romances is that I like to be drawn deeper into the characters than the author allows. So much time is taken putting people in bed together, without letting me understand why they're right for each other - apart from in the sack. I like plot. I like villains. I like more than sex scene after sex scene when I read.
My other problem is that because I have to write lots of sex, it all becomes a blur when I read those scenes in other books. Same old, same old. It's a rare erotic romance writer who manages to get me to read every page. Emma Holly's books - the early ones rather than the fantasy ones - which I haven't read - yes, I'd read every page of those. DL Jackson has an amazing imagination and creates fantastic worlds for her characters. There's far more than sex in those! My crit partner Arlene Webb writes in a multitude of genres - but her erotic stories are always ones with a difference and always memorable.
So that's what I strive for in my writing. To be different and memorable. Only time will tell.

Friday, August 10, 2012

How I became a writer of erotic romance

I can guarantee that I can stop dinner party conversations in their tracks when I’m asked what I do. I write erotic romance. Not only are women fascinated, so are men. I get all the usual questions – where do you get your inspiration – lots of winks at husband—how do your family feel about what you write, why aren’t you on the best seller lists with EL James?
      I started off in my teens writing what’s now known as fan fiction. I wrote episodes of TV series with me – under different names—as the heroine. My first full length novel was romantic suspense – I failed to interest anyone. Too dark was the verdict. I wrote another but never did anything with it. Then a third – also romantic suspense but more suspense than romance. I put that aside and wrote a romantic comedy. Still had no bites from agents. Wrote a few more romances and kept trying. Kept getting rejected.
      Eventually I joined an online critique group, Critique Circle, and critiqued work of a writer of erotic romance—Amanda Young. I watched her land a publishing deal and thought – is that what I have to do, add sex? So I did and the first erotic romance I wrote I sold to Ellora’s Cave – the biggest e-publisher of erotic romance in the world. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I added sex to all the stories I’d written before and had them all published by several different companies.
      I’ve had 23 novels published since 2007. Gosh, that sounds a lot! About half of them are about bisexual guys and a straight woman. The guys are a mix of vampires, werewolves, faeries and your average Joe! Plus I’ve written two MM novels as well.
      I think the way I slid into this business is what’s made me a little different to most writers of erotic romance. My stories have plots that aren’t based around sex. Ellora’s Cave really want sensual plots so I’m lucky they like mine! But the sexy bits are very sexy! And funny. Apart from my suspense novels that definitely aren’t funny, all my other books are written with plenty of humorous bits, parts, sections.
      My family don’t mind what I write – though my son has gone to live in another country to get away from me and my daughter has changed her name. My mother-in-law doesn’t know. I need to keep it that way , so sssshh!!
      And I’m waiting for my share of EL James success with 50 Shades of Gray – though BDSM definitely isn’t my thing!

My latest book is ‘Girl Most Likely To’ – was published by Ellora’s Cave on the 11th July. It’s a MMF ménage.

Wren doesn’t feel like the girl most likely to end up living happily ever after. Especially when Adam, aka THE BIG MISTAKE, comes back into her life. He wants a second chance but Wren’s afraid to risk another dent in her battered heart.
When Adam reconnects with Wren, he’s torn between wooing her and pursuing Tomas, the sexy guy in the flat next door. They both make his heart sing—how can he possibly choose between them? Or maybe he’s finally found a man and woman to give him the balance he craves.
Tomas knows better than to let his personal life interfere with his job as an undercover officer but he can’t get enough of Adam…or Wren. Or Adam and Wren when they’re hot, naked and writhing together in his bed.
Suddenly Wren’s gone from the girl most likely to get ripped off to the girl most likely to get off. But it’s more than sex. She, Tomas and Adam have something special, something they’re determined to protect at all costs.

If you leave a comment on the blog – you have a chance of winning an ecopy of the book or any of my backlist of your choice!


This is Riley, who's coming to stay for a week.
Riley is a big dog.
Riley is a big black dog.
Riley is the softest, sweetest, silliest dog I've ever met.
Riley is going to leave black hairs all over my house pretty soon.
Riley is going to slobber water every time he takes a drink and flood my kitchen.
Riley is going to take me on a long walk every day.
Riley is going to exhaust me.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Walk on the wild side

We live fairly close to a number of reservoirs that have been made by flooding valleys and there are some great walks around them. WERE some great walks. A couple of months ago it was announced on the local news that a six feet boa constrictor had been seen where we walk. We do have snakes in the UK, but they're not big and I've never seen one. The boa is supposed to be an escaped pet but it seems more likely someone could no longer cope with it and dumped it.
 There are signs up warning people to keep their dogs on a lead. My nerves were already jangling before we set off on the 4 mile walk last week.
Husband-who-thinks-he's-so-clever kept making noises that made me jump. Comments like - ohh look at that, had me leaping in the air. His - Oh my God - actually made me shriek. Turned out to be a rather long slug on the path in front of us. Oh how he laughed. We didn't see the snake- but you know, if we had, I might just have kept quiet and let it eat him.