Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bad Widow

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The Bad Widow
Barbara Elsborg

Rose Thorne doesn’t want much. She’d like a man to love and for village idiots to stop claiming she’s a witch. Just because she does a little magic doesn’t mean they need to burn her at the stake. It takes ages to get the smell of smoke out of her hair. On her way home after foraging for mushrooms, she’s assaulted by two local lechers. Her rescuer appears out of the mist—a tall, dark, handsome stranger with a mouth-watering body. Finally something in her miserable life is going right. Furthermore, her savior turns out to be mute, so he can’t ruin things by saying something stupid.

Can life get any better?

Susie's Choice

Coming out with Ellora's Cave at the end of July. Another menage. I actually wrote this before 'Anna in the Middle' but there you go!

Susie’s Choice
Barbara Elsborg

Wanted. Dead or Alive. Cleaner-housekeeper-miracle worker for two housework-challenged super-busy guys. Three days a week. 9 to 5. Excellent pay for Mother Teresa. Even better for Keira Knightley. And in case we’re called sexist—better yet for Daniel Craig.

When lovers Christian and Joel advertise for a cleaner, they aren’t expecting—or wanting—Mrs. Doubtfire, although one of the applicants could double as Mrs. D’s sister. But when little Susie Hood walks into their lives with scraped knees from a tumble with her bike and the looks and heart of a broken angel, the attraction is instant and irrevocable and it’s all they can do not to lock her up and throw away the key. They want her in their bed, their lives, now…forever… She is everything they wanted, needed—but she has to want both of them. Together, separately, in any and every combination they can think of.

As the sexual heat between them escalates, all three are forced to make decisions that have far-reaching ramifications. Sometimes choosing love is the hardest decision of all.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Critique Circle

Thought I'd put a little comment in about www.critiquecircle.com - if you're a writer or a would-be writer this site is a gem. One of the problems of writing when you're just starting out - or maybe after years of slogging at the keyboard - how do you know whether you're any good or not? Family and friends may lie. Other writers you know may be reluctant to give you an honest opinion. Critique Circle - CC - puts you in touch with others - just like you - who are trying to be better writers - or who want to get published - or who just need help polishing their masterpiece. With no axe to grind - many will give you the brutal truth. Sometimes it's hard to take but any opinion is worth considering - even if you decide not to listen.

CC works on a credit system. You earn credit for critiquing work and you pay credits to post your work in a queue - privately or otherwise. I won't go into the ins and outs - if you're interested - look them up- but I can honestly say that I'd never have been published if I hadn't found this group. I've made great friends, learned a lot and I'll always be grateful for the site's existence.