Friday, July 17, 2009

Critique Circle

Thought I'd put a little comment in about - if you're a writer or a would-be writer this site is a gem. One of the problems of writing when you're just starting out - or maybe after years of slogging at the keyboard - how do you know whether you're any good or not? Family and friends may lie. Other writers you know may be reluctant to give you an honest opinion. Critique Circle - CC - puts you in touch with others - just like you - who are trying to be better writers - or who want to get published - or who just need help polishing their masterpiece. With no axe to grind - many will give you the brutal truth. Sometimes it's hard to take but any opinion is worth considering - even if you decide not to listen.

CC works on a credit system. You earn credit for critiquing work and you pay credits to post your work in a queue - privately or otherwise. I won't go into the ins and outs - if you're interested - look them up- but I can honestly say that I'd never have been published if I hadn't found this group. I've made great friends, learned a lot and I'll always be grateful for the site's existence.

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