Saturday, April 28, 2012

Minds Playing Tricks

Chance to win a copy of my thriller - Chosen - or another Decadent book of your choice! Leave a comment on the Decadent Blog on my post about weird syndromes.

Daily Dose of Decadence: Minds Playing Tricks: by Barbara Elsborg One of the threads of my suspense story ‘Chosen’ is about Capgras Syndrome , where a sufferer believes a close family me...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long legs

The sandhill crane chick is growing and so is my story. 43,000 words and for once, I do have some idea where it's going. I can't help but notice that I'm veering more and more toward romantic suspense. I also can't help noticing that I've spelt one of the main character's surnames in four different ways. Serves me right for picking a foreign name.
Fingers crossed that the chick survives the predators around here - alligator and raccoons. Until it's grown wings, it's vulnerable. Just like my story. It's not got the right feel yet to make me feel totally comfortable with it. But I just have to be patient and caring - just like that chick's parents who walk around with it all day long.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

London Book Fair

I know it's a minor thing, something that comes naturally to most people, but not to me. I'm not sociable. I'm not a sociopath or any other sort of path - mostly - but I tend to clam up in company. Well, I didn't on Monday. I was at the London Book Fair and I talked to people all day! I spoke to book buyers from South Africa, Denmark, Germany, China....I talked until I forgot I didn't like being sociable. I told them about the publisher's stand I was lurking on, about my books and what they were like. I handed out freebies and smiled and said 'you're welcome' and you know what - I enjoyed it! I had some great company, editors and other writers, two lovely lasses from Ireland, would-be writers and all in all it was a foot achingly, back achingly, brilliant day.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm going to kill my crit partner

So my crit partner, Arlene Webb, doesn't get three thousand years bad luck, I have to go to page 77 of my WIP, go to the 7th line and post the next seven lines.
Here they are!
WIP is tentatively called Coming Undone. A MM erotic romance

“Have you ever been in a relationship?” Logan asked.
“How long counts? Fucking the same guy three or four times? If so, yeah a few. Generally I just fuck someone and walk away. It’s simpler.”
“How many guys have you fucked?”
“Christ, I don’t know. I haven’t counted.”
Logan had. He and Zak were like ice and fire. They had nothing in common.
One thing in common.

Here are seven more victims
Robin Hood
Kevin Costner
Humpty Dumpty
Bo Peep
William Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe
Yep, I cheated and if they're not writers, they should be.

The London Book Fair

I'm going on Monday!! It's not really an event for writers - more for publishers and agents etc to get together and discuss business, but two of my publishers will be there and I'm looking forward to seeing the girls I already know and meeting the ones I don't. Of course, when I'm approached by many directors about putting my books on the big screen, I shall play very cool.
Think any of my stories would work as a film?
I sometimes wonder if I ought to have pursued the fanfiction writing I did as a teenager. I loved creating new episodes of TV shows. Hop skip and a jump to writing a script. I never tried. I wish I had, though I know it's harder than it looks. Sometimes I get out my old stories and read them!! They all featured the same heroine - obviously ME! I was usually an orphan or abused or hated by my parents, managed to save the hero at the expense of my own life - I didn't get the need for Happy Ever After then!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Out in print SOON

Rocked - my menage paranormal - is going to be out in print soon from Loose-Id. I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I have several paranormal books published by LI but Rocked is the first to make it into print. I have a real soft spot for this story and I don't think it's come to many people's attention. Not my soft spot for it! Just that few seem to know about it despite my extensive marketing campaign on Fox and Sky News and the Times newspaper. Umm - even thinking about one of those would use up all the income I get from writing and more.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The unexpected!

A week ago temperatures were high enough in the UK to sunbathe. Today this is what we woke to! The lambs across the road look very cold!

I LOVE the unexpected. That's why I don't plan or plot my stories. I just let them go where they want. It means that when I sit at the laptop, I have no idea what my characters are going to do. There are problems with that. Big black holes that I'm led down which mean backing out or finding a way out. I have to admit, most times I write my way out. I figure there's a reason WHY I was inclined to go down that particular path.