Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm going to kill my crit partner

So my crit partner, Arlene Webb, doesn't get three thousand years bad luck, I have to go to page 77 of my WIP, go to the 7th line and post the next seven lines.
Here they are!
WIP is tentatively called Coming Undone. A MM erotic romance

“Have you ever been in a relationship?” Logan asked.
“How long counts? Fucking the same guy three or four times? If so, yeah a few. Generally I just fuck someone and walk away. It’s simpler.”
“How many guys have you fucked?”
“Christ, I don’t know. I haven’t counted.”
Logan had. He and Zak were like ice and fire. They had nothing in common.
One thing in common.

Here are seven more victims
Robin Hood
Kevin Costner
Humpty Dumpty
Bo Peep
William Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe
Yep, I cheated and if they're not writers, they should be.


Arlene said...

Damn it. If I was only as smart as you, I'd have picked some better victims!! Thank you for helping me.
I got in a fight with my sister, email about more blog promos, speeding ticket yesterday, but thanks to you my luck is gonna change!
And, btw, Logan and Zak are two great names and a pair of guys I cant wait to get to know.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Oh God, what's going to happen to me today then, if you played the game and still had a speeding ticket!!!

Fred said...

Hmm, is that really the 7th line on the 77th page, or did you fudge it a bit and find the first thing that fits while making a complete statement?

I went to mine and read what those seven lines would be. Yikes. Boooring. No way can I post that. That's gonna be something I chop in the first revision.

And I damn well better not get a speeding ticket, or I'll blame Arlene!

Fred said...

"Honest officer, it's not my fault. You see, my friend put me on a blog roll hex thing, and that's why I was speeding."

"Sir, are you on drugs?"

"Yes, but that has nopthing to do with it."

"Please step out of the car, sir."

Barbara Elsborg said...

It really was, Fred. I didn't cheat. I might have done if it had been something incomprehensible!!
No speeding ticket today - a long drive to daughter's!

D L Jackson said...

You too. LOL