Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long legs

The sandhill crane chick is growing and so is my story. 43,000 words and for once, I do have some idea where it's going. I can't help but notice that I'm veering more and more toward romantic suspense. I also can't help noticing that I've spelt one of the main character's surnames in four different ways. Serves me right for picking a foreign name.
Fingers crossed that the chick survives the predators around here - alligator and raccoons. Until it's grown wings, it's vulnerable. Just like my story. It's not got the right feel yet to make me feel totally comfortable with it. But I just have to be patient and caring - just like that chick's parents who walk around with it all day long.


Fred said...

What a cool picture.

I've changed character names so many times that I'm going to have to do a pass through dedicated exclusively to name consistency.

I love your suspense stuff. Got more chapters for ya I'll send Saturday.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Fred! I've just managed to use Yuri and Lev for the same flipping character. Good thing Arlene has smart eyes!

D L Jackson said...

I love Sandhill cranes they come from my home, the Sandhills of Nebraska.

And yes, Arlene has very smart eyes.

Arlene said...

Ahh...what a cool picture. Hopefully those parents can help the little guy out run a gator or two. As to sharp eyes, not sure about that but its lovely to get a look at such polished and fun stories as they're being crafted.