Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The London Book Fair

I'm going on Monday!! It's not really an event for writers - more for publishers and agents etc to get together and discuss business, but two of my publishers will be there and I'm looking forward to seeing the girls I already know and meeting the ones I don't. Of course, when I'm approached by many directors about putting my books on the big screen, I shall play very cool.
Think any of my stories would work as a film?
I sometimes wonder if I ought to have pursued the fanfiction writing I did as a teenager. I loved creating new episodes of TV shows. Hop skip and a jump to writing a script. I never tried. I wish I had, though I know it's harder than it looks. Sometimes I get out my old stories and read them!! They all featured the same heroine - obviously ME! I was usually an orphan or abused or hated by my parents, managed to save the hero at the expense of my own life - I didn't get the need for Happy Ever After then!

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