Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rock Hard - coming soon from Loose-Id

Loose-Id have accepted my story Rock Hard for publication. Yippee. It's a contemporary paranormal menage set in London.

The Blurb!

It’s hard for a woman working a job typically done by men, but Pepper loves handling stone. Not so easy to handle is the isolation that comes with being different. Nor the attraction she feels for her boss whom she assumes prefers men.

Hands hardened by years training to become a master stonemason, Alessandro is the best at what he does. He can handle male lovers but is useless with women. A daily frustration when he’s in hopelessly in love with his apprentice, Pepper.

Eli’s never been a guy to say no to sex but he doesn’t take stupid risks and rarely dates the same man or woman twice. When forced to confront the emptiness of his life, Eli learns the hard way the ultimate meaning of loneliness—until finally, a stone maiden rescues him and a master craftsman lays hands on him.

Thursday, December 9, 2010



Some crimes can never be forgotten.

Four years after she was raped and left pregnant, librarian Kate Evans lives a quiet, unassuming life. Everything changes the day she opens her door to accept a bouquet of flowers from a stranger. Jack Thompson bursts into her apartment, says he’s going to marry her and drags her on a cross country journey to hell.

Nathan Beranson decides that putting the ghosts of the past to rest is a wiser option than settling an old score. But when he discovers his half-brother Jack at an isolated lakefront cabin, Nathan finds himself an unwitting player in his sibling's latest deadly game, where keeping himself and Kate alive is only a partial victory.

Coming soon from Decadent Publishing

Monday, December 6, 2010


Yippee, a great review for Eostre's Hare by Arlene my crit partner. This is such a great story. Check it out on

Buy it from Shadowfire Press

Congratulations, Arlene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I can't quite get my head around BDSM. I've slotted little bits of it into some of my stories - Fight to Remember - for a start where a demon takes pleasure in inflicting pain on Keir, one of my heroes, though he is not a willing participant, but I'm not keen on reading a whole book with a D/s theme, especially if it's a male Dom with a female sub. It's just not something that appeals to me. However, for my latest story, I need to use a D/s scene to show the hero's problems and after doing some research I now have a horror of someone checking my browsing history. Who knew there was so much information about different types of whips and knives and how to use them? List after list of the most horrible types of torture - in my opinion. But then I'm speaking as a pain wimp. I am most definitely not a pain slut. See - there are two expressions I didn't know before. I'm keeping quiet about the rest but I'll never look at lobsters in the same way again.