Thursday, December 9, 2010



Some crimes can never be forgotten.

Four years after she was raped and left pregnant, librarian Kate Evans lives a quiet, unassuming life. Everything changes the day she opens her door to accept a bouquet of flowers from a stranger. Jack Thompson bursts into her apartment, says he’s going to marry her and drags her on a cross country journey to hell.

Nathan Beranson decides that putting the ghosts of the past to rest is a wiser option than settling an old score. But when he discovers his half-brother Jack at an isolated lakefront cabin, Nathan finds himself an unwitting player in his sibling's latest deadly game, where keeping himself and Kate alive is only a partial victory.

Coming soon from Decadent Publishing


Arlene said...

The cover is stunning. Lovely, how Decadent makes sure the image is true to the story. The blurb is spot on also. I cant wait to get the published copy of this one. A man like Jack doesnt come along every novel, and Chosen is beyond exceptional.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Arlene!