Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A real blog

Finally I have a website to promote my wonderful self I can actually use this blog to actually - er - blog. I've been waiting to do this for ages and of course now I have no idea what to say. Maybe my thoughts about attending the Romantic Times conference in Orlando would be a good start.
First paperback, first conference and a long way from the UK but such a thrill. I met so many great people - readers, writers, booksellers, agents, editors and male models. oops - forget I said the latter but Jeremy - you had lovely eyes, a sweet nature and I voted for you.Sorry you didn't win.
All my writing life, I've dreamed of seeing a book in print with my name on the cover. One of the reasons I publish erotica under my real name. That dream came true this year. I sat in the room with hundreds of famous authors and sold all my alloted number of books, had my photo taken by a fan and finally - after two hours - burst into tears when it finally sank in that a dream had come true. Not everyone is so lucky I know and I'm humbled by the experience. I'm going to have to find another dream now.

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