Friday, August 28, 2009

Filleting a salmon

Yes, you read it right. Oh God, why why why why did I think I could do it? Big party. Big shop at supermarket and I saw this whole salmon sitting there. It said buy me. It also said reduced and I knew that would please my husband. So I bought it. I should have taken it back when the girl on the register refused to handle it because she didn't like fish. But no, it went into the trolley.
Got it home and thought - what the ?? have I done?
Google - brilliant for everything. Only computer is in one room, salmon is in other and by the time I'd walked from one room to the other, my mind had gone blank. So I cut off the head. obviously don't need that.
Back to Google. Leave the head on.
I need a sharp knife. Not one in our house except the one in my husband's tool box. Made no difference - it was not easy to cut that damn fish. Not keen on the sounds of bones crunching. Is that fish blood or mine?
I did manage to get it in half but there was more left on the spine than I expected.
Now the skin, how to get it off?
Back to Google
Much too much time later, I had the skin off. The head off. The tail of. The bits out. Only I did't have two nice salmon fillets. I had a pile of fish flakes.
Back to Google - what to do with salmon flakes
Useless so I made it up.
I plastered everything together. Poured over soy sauce and sesame seeds. Wrapped it in foil and everyone said it was delicious.
I couldn't bring myself to eat it.


Laurann Dohner said...

You're brave for even attempting it. I couldn't remove the head. LOL. I always pause at the fish counter... and just keep right on walking. My husband loves fish. I tell him... you cook it!

V. J. Douglas's Blog said...

Ah, sauteed in a little garlic, a touch of herbs d'provence, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and salmon's lovely.

I don't know that I would have tried filleting it, and you can leave the skin on, it peels off more easily.

But your version works, too. LOL

Flick said...

LOL There was a lot I should have done and leaving the skin on would have helped - walking past the damn thing in the supermarket would have helped more! I wish someone could have taken a picture of me wrestling with this three foot fish, me in my pink rubber gloves with the dog humping my leg in excitement at the smell.

Martha Skye Martin said...

Oh my, I hadn't realized (yes, I'm American [and a bit embarrassed to say so]) I was reading a blog entry; I thought it was another one of your books!

You are too funny, and now I know where you get your raunchy ideas from - - the dog!