Saturday, October 31, 2009

Men in Shorts - out in paperback!!!!!!!

My Ravenous Romance short story - The Special Gift - in "Men in Shorts" anthology is now available in paperback!!!!

There is nothing like summer, when the weather changes and the men change into their summer shorts. And basketball shorts. And cut-offs. And board shorts! Here are 14 erotic short stories featuring all those wicked fantasies we’ve ever had about the mailman, the cop, the athlete, and the gardener. And G.I. Joe! With legs bared and muscles flexing, these men in shorts are sure to inspire, entertain, and titillate you! Contributors include: Barbara Elsborg Dawn Jackson Adam Carpenter Neve Black C. Margery Kempe Lisa Lane Heidi Champa Katy Sirls Brandi Woodlawn Karen Sutow Ryan Field Savannah Chase Lexi Ryan

I have to wait to buy my paperback copy until I come to America - otherwise the postage will be more than the book!!!

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D L Jackson said...

Getting mine now, but I need to wait to have you sign it, until you're in the States.