Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A setting from An Ordinary Girl

Beachy Head featured in my story An Ordinary Girl. It was where Noah went to think and ended up saving a child's life. It's the site of very many suicides in the UK. A steep chalk cliff that drops to the sea - but very pretty!! I've never been before and although I researched it for the story, I hadn't realised how far the car park was from the cliff edge. Ooops!!


Arlene said...

What a beautiful spot, and a lovely pic of you, too. I'm sure readers will flip through that page too fast to care how far Noah actually had to run to the rescue. This makes me want to read OG again and soon.

Barbara Elsborg said...

You sweetie!!!
In my defense, I did try to google the info but it's never the same as actually going to the place. We arrived at the same time as a bus load of German teenagers. Not quite the quiet spot I'd hoped for but it was spectacular.