Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally able to see the review of my story An Ordinary Girl - that was printed in the RT magazine. Four and half stars - I'm so thrilled.

Book Review

by Barbara Elsborg
Genre: Erotic Romance, E-book

RT Rating
This is a tale of two damaged people who overcome their emotional and psychological hurts to find love. The chemistry between the protagonists is electric, and readers will be spellbound by their tempestuous relationship. The cast of supporting characters is also well developed and believable. Elsborg creates an intricate plot, hiding damaging secrets which are strategically revealed to keep the plot moving.
Noah Golitson is a former war photographer and cannot hide the pain of his actions in Afghanistan. His need for punishment leads him to a Dom with a very heavy hand with the whip. Then he meets Ash Elleston, and his world changes. Ash wants to make people happy, but her smile hides secrets that she believes make her unlovable. When she bumps into Noah at a wedding, she recognizes another damaged soul. Can these two find forgiveness within themselves in order to find love? (ELLORASCAVE.COM, dl $9.99)
Reviewed By: Keitha Hart
Published: May 2012                  


Fred said...

That's a great review. Congrats!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Fred. This magazine is THE one to get into. They've only ever reviewed one other of my books.

Laurie A. Green said...

Congrats, Barbara. 4-1/2 stars is their highest rating. Yes, RT is the BIG TIME when it comes to reviews! So happy for you!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Laurie!!!!