Thursday, May 30, 2013


Why oh why do I struggle so much with the first few chapters of my books. I suspect it's because I don't plot. So by the time I work out who's who and roughly what might happen, I have to backtrack and fill in details to make it all make sense.
Current WIP - called - oh yes, I have a title! Er - no, it's not called that. It's called - Winter Boy, Summer Girl - or it might be Summer Girl, Winter Boy. The hero is Jai Winter twin brother of the dastardly Dickhead Richard from Strangers. The heroine is Summer - not sure of her surname but possibly Dey. Jai is a male model for a BIG company like Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein. Summer is a meteorologist - a research scientist - a cloud spotter.
Of course, I know nothing about the modelling business, nor about meteorology so I'm having to go on Google every few minutes to look stuff up. But that's what makes writing fun, for me at least.
Eight chapters in - about a third of the way through and I have no idea - bar one - what is going to happen. That's fun too because I take the journey with my characters.
I can only write productively in the morning and early afternoon. After that, I'm useless. So I'm also revamping my suspense story - Crossing the Line. I'm trying out an idea suggested by a FB pal, Shelley, who suggested I try and create an anti-hero. Ten chapters into that with my revisions and okay so far but the hard bit is to come. Can I really make a repellent character one that the heroine will end up with?
Watch this space - well not literally.

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