Thursday, October 17, 2013

A taste of Africa inside Florida

As a late birthday treat, daughter and husband arranged a visit to the Giraffe Ranch near Dade City in Florida. What a great place. We were incredibly lucky that we were the only guests for our particular tour so we had the expertise of the very knowledgeable and friendly guide all to ourselves.
We had the chance to hand feed ringtailed lemurs who were so sweet. Their little hands were just wonderful. This is husband and keeper in their cage.

Then we had chance to feed the giraffes with cabbage!

We saw two rhinos who came to the keepers call.

And we held a tiny piglet, an albino hedgehog - there was so much to see. It was great. I'm never likely to go to Africa so this was a close as I am ever going to get. Most of it was seen from the back of a camel. I rode Clay and husband was on Doofus. 

The place was


Arlene said...

That sound so awesome and seems like such a cool envirement to interact with happy creatures. And riding a camel must have been interesting. Ha ha to sticking A with the one named Doofus.
Great pictures!

Barbara Elsborg said...

LOL, Arlene and he didn't even notice I'd done that!!