Friday, November 13, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

You know how it is - no matter how used to get to his foibles, there comes the moment that enough is enough and you have to part ways with your best friend. The end of our partnership crept up slowly. My dissatisfaction with the speed of his response, our inability to connect, the way he kept losing things that were important to me, the way he wanted to do his own thing no matter how hard I tried to perusade him otherwise. He'd lost his shine, he had no stamina at all and I just couldn't get those crumbs out of his nooks and crannnies. Even with the vaccuum cleaner. But I think it was his reluctance to let me turn him on that finally did it. Me!! I've been devoted to him for all these years, never looked at another model no matter how beautiful. He's had a lovely house to live in, company all day long and sometimes all night long as well. But he just has to go.
The new guy in my life has arrived. Slim - not so heavy - gorgeous looking, wide in the right places. Bright? Like a lightbulb. Fast? I've never seen anything so quick to respond to my commands. He can't do enough for me. The only snag is I don't think I'm making the most of his inner qualities. We need time alone!
But no doubt about it - me and my new Toshiba are made for each other.

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