Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Strangers - out with Ellora's Cave 2nd December

Strangers by Barbara Elsborg

Well here it is. My favorite book. The book of which I am most proud. The book whose hero makes me laugh and cry. The best book I've written.

Kate Snow’s had enough of bad boys until a one-way swim in the ocean puts her on a collision course with one she can’t resist. Charlie Storm has turned being a bad boy into an art form. Already a famous pop star, mega-success in the movie business beckons until his inner demons send him spiraling out of control and right out to sea. The last thing he expects to do before he dies is crash into a suicidal woman.

When the worlds of these two strangers collide, their lives take an upward twist. In surviving the waves, they find they can’t stand to be apart, in or out of bed. Kate seizes a chance for happiness, seeing in Charlie a man she can finally trust to love her. Charlie can’t let go of Kate because she’s the only woman able to see the man he wants to be.

But the price of fame is high and when the world wants to drive them apart, life only seems safe in Kate’s bed.


Laurie Green said...

As one of your beta readers, I have to agree. This is your crowning achievement, and that's saying quite a lot considering how many great novels you've already published. STRANGERS is one incredible story, and I'm so excited to see it will finally be released.

And WOW! What a fantastic cover! :)

Flick said...

Thanks, Laurie. Let's see if anyone agrees with us!

tiffany said...
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tiffany said...

I agree! Awesome book. Just... wow.

Flick said...

Thank you, Tiffany. Thanks for your email and the comment on the Ellora's Cave website too. I wish this book was out in paperback NOW - but I was told that all mine will be eventually in print. I would love to go into a bookshop and just see it and buy it and tell the assistant I was the author.

Flick said...

In case any of the readers who have left a comment on the Jasmine jade site read this blog - Thank you so much for your comments. It means the world to me that you like this book. Only if Charlie comes calling - hands off. He's mine.

ShanB said...

one of the best books i've evah read! And this comes from an avid ALPHA MALE loving reader! And Kate is awesome!