Monday, December 14, 2009

Reading at the speed of light

That's me. The Buzz Lightyear of the reading world. Difficult to say how fast because I've never been anal enough to actually count words but I read about 80 pages in 20-25 minutes. Which is fast. Husband reads a book a week or a month. But as he likes to point out, he does remember what happens in his books. Sometimes I'm hard pressed to remember character names let alone the plot. The better I like the book, the more I remember, though.
I think I developed the technique from when I was at college and I was expected to read three Dickens novels in a week. Read fast or you're in trouble. Now I find it hard to read slowly and that frustrates me sometimes. I think it must be something about me though because I do everything fast - cook, clean, speak, drive, write - ah that explains why no one can read my writing, nor eat my food and perhaps explains that speeding ticket.
Damn, maybe I'd better slow down.

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