Monday, May 10, 2010

Plotting hell

I used to think I was an organised type of person. I make lists before I go shopping - even though that activity is as rare as I can make it. I like to plan holidays carefully so I don't miss anything special. I think out my bookclub questions before I get there. Can I plot my stories in advance?
Consequently, I'm writing myself further and further into trouble. I know I am and I still can't do anything about it. I finally managed to get the goodies and the baddies in the same room and they're still messing me about.
I have a friend on Critique Circle who has this amazing ability to actually plan her stories out chapter by chapter. I am in serious awe. Every line I write is a surprise to me. Such a surprise that when I reread, I can't remember writing it. Ha ha. I was asked in an interview for a few of my favorite lines. Apart from the fact that I daresay I haven't written anything memorable, I just can't remember any of them. But I know the the ones I'm dying to write for the current story -

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