Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I finally have 'Anna in the Middle'

My paperback copies of Anna in the Middle arrived today. Yippee. I have placed one copy on the bookshelf along with my other books and I can see them everytime I turn my head. Ahhh. My hundreds and hundreds of books are not very organised and I noticed I've managed to slot the ones I've written between Lord of the Rings - which I haven't read and 1,000 places to see before you die which I've dipped into.


Arlene said...

Love it. You can cross off write one masterpiece after another from that to-do before dying book.

Laurie Green said...

That's so great, Barbara. You always wanted to hold a book you wrote in your hands, and now you can hold 1, 2, 3....etc. :)

Right next to Lord of the Rings is a good place for them to be.

Any chance LUCY IN THE SKY is ever going to be in print? *hopeful look*

Barbara Elsborg said...

Well, they seem to be bringing them out in order so Lucy is not going to be out in paperback yet. I just wish Loose-Id would bring mine out in print. I'm very sad about their policy of only printing stories up to 70,000 words.