Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jack the Ripper

Just been on a Jack the Ripper tour in London's Whitechapel area. OOh - very disconcerting. I hadn't realised quite how violent Jack was. The guide had pictures of the victims that were passed between the group face down in case anyone chose not to see them. Not me - bring on the gore! I always was a bloodthirsty type. Jack - don't read more if you're squeamish - escalated in his violence - moving from mere throat slashing to eviscerating and draping intestines over his victims' shoulders. I'm sure that means something but I don't know what. He took out body parts and even removed a kidney from the front of the body - something that is only now being attempted in surgery. He cut off breasts, he cut off noses. He was a monster!! Five or maybe six women are considered Jack's victims. It's thought he was a local man - who'd know the ways to quickly escape and knew the quiet spots to do his killing. The guide said - you'll dream about this.
No way - thought I.
I dreamt of cutting off nipples - not mine and not me doing it but somehow being part of it. It was very disturbing. Not even set at the time of Jack, but modern day and I woke with a start and couldn't sleep again.


Arlene said...

Thanks. You just can't keep your nightmares to yourself, can you? Yes, I sit here imagining the guts you'd have to go through, skin-blood-thick and thin spongy tissue-to reach and pull out a kidney from the wrong side. Add in the smell. And monster doesnt quite sum up a man who could do that to another human without healing in mind.
Sweet dreams.

Barbara Elsborg said...

A nightmare shared is a nightmare halved!!!
or maybe not.

TheSelfishOne said...

Haha. Just watched the latest in the SAW saga (you know the blood and gore movie with chain saws and steel pipes ripping through bodies and blood and guts everywhere, right?) and then I read your comment. I really don't think the movie can match the real deal, though. Jack the Ripper was one sick freak.