Monday, August 9, 2010

Time to think

I really should take a while to think between writing one story and starting another. Anyone who's read any of my interviews knows I'm a pantster - I don't plan I just write but I do need to think and I've launched into the current book without thinking. Consequently, I ground to a halt after a few pages, wondering what I was doing. The WIP is a paranormal and they DO require more thought than contemps. What sort of world do I want to create? Complex or simple? etc etc etc. I hadn't even thought whether I wanted to write a straight MF story or a MMF - well looks like an MMF. I made up a character and within a paragraph decided I wanted him to be big so Alessandro is officially one of the MCs in WIP. The others are Pepper and Eli. Now I have the names, the story will fly.
I hope!


Arlene said...

Change is always something worth trying, and if you can write 16 awesome novels without thought, I can't wait to see what you come up with by trying the think ahead-somewhat-approach. I love the name choices. Happy writing

Barbara Elsborg said...

I've realised how weird the process is for writing. Odd ideas just come to me and I make a note so I don't forget and then suddenly halfway through writing I twig that there are links I havne't seen, themes I haven't noticed, relationships I can switch etc. I suppose someone who plans more thoroughly can switch things around too but I think this free-flow is easier for a scatterbrain like me!!
Thanks Arlene!!