Thursday, February 10, 2011

OOh, look here

I've been awarded a stylish blogger award by and need to tell you seven things about me
1. I once boarded a bus dressed as a bumble bee with a pair of my husband's checkered shorts on my head.
2. The next day, I went to another fancy dress party - on the bus dressed as Darth Vader in my long navy blue dressing gown, complete with light saber - and I asked for my ticket in the breathy voice.
3. No one invites me to parties any more.
4. I fell down a drain at school when I was taking a forbidden short cut on a cross country run and because I broke the drain cover I had to confess to the very strict headmaster.
5. I nearly drowned my baby son in a swimming pool after I stupidly followed - how to teach your baby to swim - guidelines that involved pushing him under. Eek
6. When I'm on vacation, I can read three books a day.
7. I hate milk with a passion. I can't boil it without heaving!

1 comment:

Laurie A. Green said...

A well-deserved award, Barbara.

I LOLed on your party adventures, eeked on the baby swimming experience and ooohed! at the milk intolerance. OK, finally found one way we're completely different. LOL