Sunday, April 24, 2011

Treespeaker - Katie W. Stewart

I was fortunate enough to help critique this fab story. Katie is a great writer and also a wonderful artist. We had lots of discussions over who the book was aimed at - and although the main character is an adult, his son is also heavily involved and it makes the book suitable for just about anyone as Katie says below. It's the story of a man's journey and the perils that he faces and his inner strength that enable him to continue.

Jakan, Treespeaker of the Fifth Tribe of Arrakesh, knows from the visions he received at the SpringSpeak, that the stranger who has just arrived in his village is not the innocent, interested visitor he claims to be. As the villagers succumb to the mind-bending sorcery of the man, Jakan becomes more and more desperate to be rid of him. But when he accuses the stranger of an act of sacrilege, events take a sinister turn and it is Jakan himself who is expelled from the forest.

Sent on a journey across the treeless land outside the forest, Jakan finds himself fighting for survival – for his people and himself. Somehow he must find a man he hasn’t seen for twenty years, but as a Treespeaker —bound in spirit to the forest — his life hangs by a tenuous thread which grows ever thinner.

Meanwhile, his son, Dovan, must find the strength to carry out the new role he has been given while his father is away, for who knows if the Treespeaker will ever return?

This is not a book about good versus evil. It is a book about belonging, balance and belief. It's an adult fantasy, but suitable for anyone 12+


Arlene said...

I cant wait to download this. From cover, to blurb, to knowing who helped edit this, I'm hooked.

Barbara Elsborg said...

It's very tightly written. Katie is a skilled writer!!!And a lovely person!