Saturday, April 30, 2011

The wedding

Well, the whole nation was glued to the TV if they weren't crowding the streets of London for a glimpse of the glittering couple. We went to the beach. I was quite happy to watch the edited highlights later - though we did listen to some of the service in the car until I started to doze off. Not a good idea when I was driving. I understand the need for tradition and solemnity etc etc but how about a touch of modernity and reality? Don't want to be mean so I'll say no more - lovely dress (I happened to wear Nottingham lace too) - though our reception was in a local pub and I didn't get a honeymoon until nine months later. Oh no, not for that reason - kids came much later. But now the parties are all over and we Brits can go back to being glum.

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Fred said...

While I'd never sit down and watch something like that, something in me likes that fact that there is a place on Earth where a royal wedding can still take place, pomp and all. Maybe it's the secret desire to be king and rule the world. Besides, they seem like a nice couple. Of course, he could be beating the hell out of here for all I know.