Thursday, September 22, 2011

All Romance e-books - my story!!!!

I made it through to the last 32 in the All Romance ebooks Just One Bite competition. Yippee. Voting doesn't start until the 1st of October and it will be a head to head competition - in other words 16 individuals against 16 others for one week, then 8 against 8 etc I already know who I'm paired against and have read her story. Gulp! If you register on the ARe site you can read all 32 stories but you can't vote yet, but if you'd like to read mine - it's there.

If you feel mine is the best, I hope you'll vote for me on the 1st October!

Not me on the picture, by the way - I can't jump that high!

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Arlene said...

You, Barb, are awesome. And I bet you can jump that high. Your angelic story rocks!!! A definite winner, and I can't wait to hold the hard copy with all of them, yours in first place. A much deserved congrats to you!