Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cover for my INS with Decadent publishing!!

On the right track
Hollie has very specific requirements for her New Year’s Eve 1NightStand—a tall, fair-haired guy, who’s organized, sensible, likes small-breasted brunettes and can deal with any crisis life throws at him. Except what seemed like a good idea when she set off, turns into the worst idea ever as the snow falls thickly, her fingers clench the steering wheel, and she veers off track.
Dark-haired Nick is on his way to a party with hopes of connecting with a busty blonde—assuming he’s even on the right road and can dig himself out of a heap of snow before he freezes solid. Too bad he never plans ahead, no coat and no shovel in the car, and soon he won’t even see a road at all, let alone any vehicle barreling down it.


Arlene said...

They gave you a lovely cover. Congrats.

Jessica Subject said...


Barbara Elsborg said...

Thank you!! It is a nice cover, isn't it? I wanted plenty of snow.

kparks said...

You have the best covers. Always so sensual.