Friday, December 21, 2012

The Princess and the Prepper

When I was asked to write a story about prepping, I didn't even know what the word meant, though I could guess. Since I was a girl guide I've been the kind of person who likes to be prepared for every eventuality, so certain types of prepping were already second nature to me. For instance, I am the queen of lists. I make lists of lists. I once thought about setting up an internet business based on lists for every occasion, but writing got in the way.

I do think that the prepping mentality is something easier to understand in a huge country like America, than it is in the tiny overcrowded UK where I come from. The pioneer spirit that led to the growth of your nation is still strong in many of you. It's non-existent in the UK. A desire to protect what is yours, to look after your family and loved ones is of course universal but preppers have put more thought into it and come up with strategies to help them survive when others might not.
 Anyone with an ounce of common sense will stock up when products threaten to run out. If we're told there's going to be a water shortage, we make sure we have a supply to fall back on. Preppers take this to the next level and there are many levels of prepping, from those who just want to maintain their lifestyle in the face of adversity to those who prepare to face a massive nuclear fall out.
My prepper in The Princess and the Prepper - is at the lower end of prepping, the end that most of us will be able to identify with. And the story is also a reminder that no one can be prepared for everything. When push comes to shove, we just have to do the best we can.

The Blurb

Lili knows she shouldn’t accept a lift from a stranger, but as usual she leaps from one disaster to another. The consequence is being stuck in the middle of a snowy nowhere wearing next to nothing, and this time, being unprepared looks likely to kill her.
Grant lives in an isolated cabin for a reason. He’s prepared for almost every eventuality. The last thing he wants is some needy person interfering with his ordered life. When he gets into bed with a woman he rescued from certain death—just to warm her up, of course—Grant discovers something else he’s not prepared for. His heart opening.
A match made in heaven, until secrets come knocking. Lili is not just a simple woman in need of shelter, and unless she can survive dealing with her background, it doesn’t seem possible the happiness that’s fallen out of a blizzard can heal Grant’s own past.


Arlene said...

Congrats on writing the perfect story, regardless if you've ever heard of preppers before or not.
Hope all those prepared to enjoy a great read, grab this one

Cate Masters said...

Your blurb hooked me, Barbara. Congrats on the upcoming release! Can't wait to read it.

D L Jackson said...

Congrats on the new release and I added it on Goodreads.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, guys!