Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another dimension!

My crit partner, Arlene Webb, has a new book out called Blood Alert. It's the second in a series of three about some fantastic beings called Rons. You don't have to have read book one to enjoy book two and in fact, the two books are a little different in tone. Incoming Alert - the first - is about a Ron who comes of age and phases to Earth. Caron is cute. I couldn't help but fall in love with him.
Blood Alert, the second book, introduces us to another set of characters and the main ones are Cham and his sister, Kylee.


Here's the blurb!

Born with a strange addiction, Cham needs a pint or two of blood on a regular basis to stay alive, healthy and solid. To make a miserable life worse, most everyone around him, except for his sister Kylee, overlook him as if he's not clearly there. If not for the rage and questions pushing at him, he'd wonder if he really exists.

Cham's mother died giving birth to him, leaving him and four-year-old Kylee in the hands of an angry, uncaring father. From the moment his infant fingers clutched hers, Kylee has been determined to protect him from the visible and invisible monsters.

After fleeing an abusive home, their lives revolve around stealing what Cham needs to survive. When he confides detail about a man from their past no one but he could see, Kylee refuses to leave him or let him fade into insanity. All is fine in their little world, until the cops arrest her for theft, and hallucinations do much worse than torment his memory.

They become so violently real, Cham wishes it was as simple as throwing himself in a padded cell.


Arlene said...

What a lovely surprise. I saw the title and thought, cool, another demension and then, wow, there's my book. Thank you so much for the promo and most of all, for making the story of rons possible!!!

Barbara Elsborg said...

You're welcome!!