Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm in the unusual position of having several projects half-started on my laptop. I'm not good at multi-tasking. I might have lots of half-formed ideas written in note form but not usually actual stories part written. I wrote a short story for a friends' anthology but it didn't work for them. I wrote another and that didn't work either so I gave up on the anthology but not the stories.
I suspect that part of the issue was that they were more long stories condensed than proper short stories. So I decided to expand them. Explain the characters motivations etc etc
The one I started with I'd only intended to convert 5,000 words into maybe 15,000 but I'm already at that and haven't even had my hero and heroine meet yet. Nor had I intended to write a werewolf story but seems my fingers had other ideas. I nicked an idea from one of my earlier books, Falling For You, and changed it a bit and now I'm racing away.
But I'm also pulled to the other story - about Faeries and I also started a contemporary MF one based on me and husband getting stranded at Philadelphia airport one snowy January. I can't write them all at the same time. But I want to. Plus I have a suspense story I need to tidy and get out there.
Let alone all the household stuff. Cleaning, dishwasher, ironing etc What I really need is another few of me so I can do everything at the same time.
I put the suggestion to husband.
His answer - One of you is quite enough.
And looking at me = I think he's right.


Arlene said...

I'm so glad you're as you as you can be. So much more productive than me, and most every one else I know. I worry if you were cloned, you'd not be as powerful because that spark that is constantly buzzing in your head is lowered to a shorter voltage when duplicated. I'm with Anton on this one. One of you is brilliant.
Love the picture!!!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ugly me!

Cate Masters said...

Your WIP list sounds like mine! I'd be afraid with another of me running around, the WIP list would double too. Ack!