Sunday, August 11, 2013

Is anyone watching?

I do worry about my internet browsing. While researching for my stories I end up accessing all sorts of strange sites and if the American listening station at Menwith Hill - which is really not that far from where I live- has a bank of machines looking out for key words - I might be in for a visit from the police at some point.
EG - I wanted to know what the insides of the MI5 and MI6 and New Scotland Yard buildings were like - what security there was etc
        I wanted to know what could be used to disguise the odour of cocaine to fool a sniffer dog
        I wanted to know how much of a dead baby would be left after being left in a dry cold environment for several years
      And a lot of other searches for sex related stuff. The latest yesterday involved me checking out a male escort site. To my astonishment I spotted a picture of my husband. Well, it wasn't, but it really looked like him. The guy was available for fifty pounds an hour and no sex. Hmm - wonder if he'd do the dishes, the garden, the windows, the shopping.....


Fred said...

Interestingly enough, those things don't trigger anything. It's the searches asking how to eliminate government pensions that bring the special forces.

Barbara Elsborg said...

LOL Fred!!!