Monday, September 2, 2013

Can too much be a bad thing?

I now have officially more books to read than I have ever accumulated in my life. I usually have at least 5 new paperbacks by the side of the bed ready to devour but for the last couple of weeks I've been lured, tempted and seduced by the offer of free ebooks to download - legally I might add. I have to stop it. If I had an ereader I wouldn't mind but they're on Kindle for PC which means I have to lug my computer to bed if I want to read them. And plug it in because the battery life is very short. And that disturbs the sleeping monster at my side.
I'm also steadily re-reading my paperbacks and giving them to charity once I've read them, unless I love them too much to give away. I used to wonder about the point of reading a book twice, but some of mine, I'm on the third read because I adore them so much.
Kiss Chase - Fiona Walker
Unsticky - Sarra Manning
Almost all of Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Derik's Bane - Mary Janice Davidson
Most of Jenny Crusie's early stuff
Most of Jill Mansell's, Adele Parks, Lisa Jewell, Freya North
oh I could go on. I'm still going to have hundreds on my shelves.


Arlene said...

I've so many on my kindle, I really need to start deleting the ones where the story line intriques but I'm too tired to wade through the fluff. Last night I counted, suddenly, three times in the same paragraph, twice in the same line. I dont know why an author can think readers are that clueless..Joe Perfect yawned tiredly a little, and suddenly swallowed a little as he wondered why the pace slowed a little while the reader suddenly yawned with, not a little, but a whole lot of boredom and suddenly turned off the light...please, stop me...

Barbara Elsborg said...

LOL Arlene!! I rely on you to stop me doing that.