Monday, September 23, 2013

Naughty No-No's Blog Hop

I've joined the Naughty No-No's Blog Hop!

What's your guilty pleasure?

What's my guilty pleasure? The one thing I can't resist? Bread. Fresh bread. Warm fresh bread. No butter, no margarine, no jam, no Marmite, no cheese - just bread. I'm salivating thinking about it. No carb-free diet for me. Plus I'd take bread over chocolate any day of the week. 

What temptation are your characters always doomed to give into?

To love, of course! No matter whether they resist it or not, love will get them in the end. 

If you leave a comment admitting to your guilty pleasure, you have a chance of winning a copy of my MF paranormal ebook - Jumping in Puddles. 
For more confessions and chances to win books check out the other sites on the hop!

And because Writery sensibly pointed out I'd said nothing about what my book was about - I've added this. 
Jago doesn’t just inherit a title after the death of his parents, he’s saddled with the crumbling money pit of a mansion that’s been in his family for centuries. With his medical career on hold, he struggles to secure the future of Sharwood Hall, trudging uphill with no finish line in sight.

The sins of a past generation fall on faerie Ellie and her family, and each year they must trek to the exact center of the UK to recharge their energy. Until they find the Kewen, treasure guarded and lost by their ancestors hundreds of years ago, they’re banished from Faeryland. Ellie’s father has spent fifty years searching, now it’s his eldest child’s burden.

As a stunning woman sweeps into Jago’s world in a thunderstorm, he can’t stop thinking she’s too good to be true. For little reason other than her sweet and generous heart, Ellie is helping to put Sharwood to rights and leaving him more and more suspicious she wants something other than him. When family and duty clashes with trust and love, it’s debatable whether a perilous leap of faith, directly off a bridge into treacherous waters, will keep lovers from being swept apart.

I do love this cover - it shows my rain dancing faerie off perfectly BUT this is an erotic romance and that doesn't really come across. It's one of my favourite stories and I'm just about to write another about one of Ellie's brothers.


Arlene said...

No matter the season, there's something about vanilla ice cream. But I'd make you share that bread, too!

Sotia Lazu said...

Oh God,I cannot resist bread. Or pie. I've decided bread goes with everything, including pasta. My hubby mocks me for it, but it's okay.

As long as there's bread.

Or pie.


Anonymous said...

tell us more about your book!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Arlene, I'm not an ice cream fan BUT I'd pick vanilla over any other flavour.
Sotia - you can have the pie, I want ALL the bread!
Writery - jumping in puddles is a MF paranormal erotic romance. I'll add a bit about it. You're right - I should have! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love fresh bread too!!! I've always been a carb addict! There's nothing like nibbling the end of a fresh baguette as you stroll around the supermarket! That's a guilty pleasure! Lol! ;-) xxx

Barbara Elsborg said...

Absolutely, Molly. Bread that's still warm when I buy it, rarely gets home intact!

Tessa said...

Chocolate, wine, ice cream... well the list could be long, long...
tessa dot bamberg at kolumbus dot fi

Barbara Elsborg said...

The longer we have to think about it, the longer the list will get! LOL

Barbara Elsborg said...

And the winner is Tessa!! I'll email you!