Friday, September 24, 2010

Run away with me

I hoped for 70,000 words, sort of planned for it - as if the pathetic amount of planning I do would make a difference, I'm at 56,000 and I'm worried. Can I finish this story in 14,000 words? I'm not sure. Three or four chapters - doesn't sound possible to me. I'm beginning to think I write naturally to 100,000 ish. Of course, there was a whopper that reached 160,000 but it was a thriller and I chopped and chopped until I got it to 125,000. Still too long. But characters that come alive as I type, just have to be as they are and if I have to take this beyond 70,000, then I suppose I'll have to. But I'm going to be peeved! Means I have to try again for 70,000 and chances are I won't make it next time either.

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Arlene said...

And then, instead of the unthinkable(writing less than your characters need, expect, deserve)you'll find another way, or another story, to hold 5 books in print.
I won't be looking for ways to loose weight, as anything that seems overstated I'd mention regardless, and I'm too invested in stone to want the end to come before it should.