Monday, January 24, 2011

A marketing ploy

The secret? Make someone else happy.
One thing I really don't like is selfishness. I know we only get one life (well unless reincarnation is a reality - in which case I'm probably down to come back as a cockroach) - but so does everyone around us, get one life I mean.
It's so easy to smile at people when they serve you in a shop or restaurant. It's easy to pass the time of day with an old lady if she strikes up a conversation. We'll all be old one day - assuming I'm not a cockroach sooner than I think.
Think of others as well as yourself. If your action will upset someone, should you do it? If your words will hurt, should you speak them? Think twice and think of the consequences of what you choose to do.
And above all SMILE!! It makes you feel better, I promise.
If all that fails - read one of my books.
I feel happy now I've said that.


Laurie A. Green said...

LOL Well, reading one of your books is guaranteed to bring on the smiles (and the laughs, too). I can testify to that. And you're so right about the power of the smile. It not only changes how you feel inside, it changes how you look on the outside and people's perceptions of you as a person. A smile can be a powerful thing.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thank you, Laurie!

Arlene said...

Sending you a smile as wide as the ocean that separates us. Lovely to read a post so thoughtfut. Maybe if I start tossing out a few more grins, I'd get the option of return as an wart on a cockroach.

Penny Brandon said...

I used to work in retail, and you're right, it's amazing what a smile will do to a customer, and when they give one back you think you've donea great job, and your next smile is even bigger. Like paying it forward.

ps. Coincidence on your kids being born in Wolverhampton. Small world.