Monday, January 3, 2011

Reading habits

I'm curious to know to what extent writers read in the same genre that they write. When I first started to write - as an adult - I wrote thrillers. I didn't read romances at all at that point, partly because I found them insipid. I didn't like the long family sagas, nor the lovey-dovey Mills and Boon type books. I read thrillers and mysteries and horror.
So what changed? I think it was the addition of romance into the thrillers. I found myself more interested in relationships between characters than the actual plot and one day I tried romances again and found a few authors I liked.
So do I read romances now - or erotic romances? Not many. I have authors I love that I'd buy without reading the blurb but I'm picky. I still love thrillers. Not so keen on horror. I adore humor. That's the big change for me - books that make me laugh. Not all the way through but just that witty dialogue that brings a smile to my face. I hope I manage that sometimes in my own stories.

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