Friday, March 11, 2011

Eaten by Zombies

There was a craze - not so long ago - for romance stories about zombies. In fact, I saw calls out for such stories and thought - NO, NO, NO and NO again. How on earth could zombies be romantic when they have bits dropping off - and possibly important bits at that? So I didn't try to write a zombie story and wasn't interested in reading one either. Then I found a cheap book of zombie romances and thought - oh why not. Cheap is my middle name and my husband's first name.
Now I feel cheated. The stories did feature zombies but none were a male lead. So have I misunderstood something here? When the words zombie and romance were put together - it didn't mean the zombie was going to see any action in the bedroom?


Fred said...

Joe the zombie sat next to Ellen the zombette's father. "Sir, I'd like to ask for your daughter's hand."

"There it is, over on the sofa, boy. Now what's this all about."

"Sir, please, listen, lend me your ear for just a moment."

"Hey, wait, you already have my ear. Give that back this instant."

"Sir, I insist you listen. Your daughter has stolen my heart."

"Yes, I saw her with it this morning. But she said you gave it to her.

I could go on all day...:)

Barbara Elsborg said...

Please don't! See, I knew I was right - there can't be a HEA with zombies - not if everyone wants to keep all the bits that belong to them.