Sunday, March 20, 2011

A new read from Decadent Publishing!!!

Decadent Publishing work really hard to promote their authors and it's my delight to help! I picked this book to put on my blog because it sounds intriguing. Hope you agree!

It's a hot sci fi!!

The Ship's Mistress - Maureen Betita

Jahari gives herself to the starborne Etwa to save her little sister from life in a foul brothel. Ironically, tests reveal an aptitude for sensual service and Jahari is trained as a high court slut. A contract of seven years runs out on the planet Mentari, but the powerful Basba is determined to keep her. She escapes swearing to see him reported to the Etwan authorities.

Toseman is the captain of the Sea Horse, sailing the seas of Mentari. Several days from port a stowaway is brought before him. Her bright blue hair betrays her high slut identity and puts his secret at risk. Drawn to her, he accepts her offer to serve as ship’s mistress and promises to see her to the nearest Etwan spaceport.

They are pursued by her former master as the two join forces and with the help of the Sea Horse crew, they seek Etwan justice.

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Arlene said...

I'm not sure. The blurb is enticing, but being forced into sexual servitude seems a common type theme, whether it's on a spaceship or some backward planet. But, thanks to Decadent's excellent reputation of picking exceptional authors, I'd definitely give this author a shot.
Thanks for providing the link!!