Monday, March 14, 2011

My bestest best best book out in paperback!!!!

Strangers is out in paperback. I am so thrilled. Sadly, it will be a while before I have a copy in my hand because they have to be shipped to the UK. I love the cover of the book . For once, the guy looks as though he really could be the hero Charlie and the woman - though a little more sophisticated than Kate, is very beautiful. It's pot luck whether your idea of your main characters comes to life on the cover. With Strangers - I was lucky.
I find it hard to explain why this story - above all others - is my favorite. Two very flawed characters - but then most of mine are.
I have to think it comes down to Charlie. He's just very lovable. One of my favorite little scenes is when Kate paints his nails with a nasty tasting substance to stop him biting them. Only she does it when he's asleep so he get a shock later. The idea from that came from me painting the ends of my son's pencils and YEARS later, sucking the damn things myself and nearly throwing up.
If you'd like to buy Strangers - link below


Melissa said...

Love all your books but this one is by far my favorite. Keep up the great work Barbara

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thank you, Melissa!!!

Fred said...

The parts I read of this were awsome. I think this is one I can actually read without blushing, right? I'll have to get a copy. But I don't remember a Charlie. I remember a Nathan and a Jack...Hmm.

Arlene said...

Fred's confusing Strangers with Chosen. Which, yippee!!, will be released soon.
I just can't pick a favorite. I love each and every one you've written, Barbara. Congrats on this one making print.

Arlene said...

As to the pencils, you did throw them out, didn't you? Or, are they stashed in Anton's favorite spot?

Barbara Elsborg said...

Arrggh - Fred - don't read this one if you don't want to blush. Arlene is right - Chosen is the thriller - I still don't have a release date for that. Chosen is the one with creepy Jack - while Strangers has the lovely but pain in the butt Charlie.

As for the pencils - well you know they may still be in the box I have. I'd have to suck them all and see!!!!

mmm - how to explain that to family... I'll think about it.