Friday, July 8, 2011

I am not infallible

I am one of the few people in the world who actually doesn't like food. I personally can't wait for the day I just have to take a pill to give me all the energy and vitamins etc that I need. Yes, I know I'm weird. Having said that - family still needs to eat, so I have to cook. Saintly husband shops - which is a mixed blessing. I love that I don't have to go to the supermarket but I have to be prepared to deal with the 'bargains' he brings home.
I CAN cook, I just prefer not to. But the other day I thought I'd make some almond macaroons. Recipe was straight forward. What can go wrong?
Quite a lot as it happens. They looked NOTHING like the picture though they tasted okay, especially after I'd broken them into bits and added cream. But it was a salutatory lesson in how - no matter how well you plan, how carefully you do what you're supposed to - sometimes life throws you a curve ball.
My daughter - who made and decorated this cake - obviously doesn't take after me!


Fred said...

That is some awsome decorationg. Does she do it professionally or something? Very cool.

Arlene said...

Hate people who make cakes too beautiful to cut. I mean, I'd feel like I was slicing up a Mona Lisa or something. I not only screw up the shopping because I forget the list that I may or may not have made, I can't cook either.

Barbara Elsborg said...

She's a lawyer! An intellectual property lawyer to be exact. But very arty and she loves making cakes! I have to confess, that's something she got from me. I used to make extravagant cakes for both kids birthdays and I made my brother's wedding cake - two elephants with trunks entwined. My cake making days are now behind me!

Arlene said...

Just as well, I'd much rather eat up your books than a lovely sugarey fix too pretty to cut into. That elephant one must have been awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think I got your portion of food-love.

But your daughter is an excellent cake lady. I don't have the patience. And, who are we kidding, if I tried that it would be lopsided, frosting uneven, and the little bits on the top? It would be sprinkles and a few 1/2 burned candles.