Friday, July 1, 2011

Giving authors a second chance

I suspect, like most readers, if you try a new author and don't like their book for whatever reason, you're unlikely to give them another go. I've plenty of authors I've thought that of - but after reading the third book by a particular author and enjoying it, I then bought books one and two. Not a series so no problem there. I read book two first. It was okay, interesting premise about a boyfriend who has a nervous breakdown, though not as good as book three. Then I read book one, her debut story. Oh dear. I didn't like. Bits of it weren't bad but I realise that had I read this book first, I wouldn't have looked for more by her and I'd have missed book three - which is a keeper.
So, I've revised my reading strategy and unless the books are in a series, I won't go for book one, on the basis that like any job, the writing will likely get better.
I like to think my own writing has improved over the twenty or so books I've written. I know my first paranormal - The Consolation Prize - was a steep learning curve for me and it's the least well written of the Trueblood series. I still grumble about calling it a series because the books all stand alone. Anyway, if any of you have read The Consolation Prize and not wanted to read another of mine - for the first four who comment on this post, I'll send you a copy of Falling for You - FREE!
Assuming you want to give me another try!


Chrystalla Thoma said...

Hi Barbara! I loved the Consolation Prize! :-) I think you learnt early on how to write good stories. But yes, if I read a book i didn't like by an author, I'd hesitate to read more. (bwt, don't send me Falling for You. I own it. :-))

Arlene said...

Ditto to what Chrys said. The set up in Consolation Prize, the quirky voice of the heroine's sixth sense, made for one lovely, memorable stand alone novel with tie ins to the others.
But yes, I want a copy of FFY. Signed and in print. Soon, I hope!!!

Fred said...

That's assuming there is a second book.

I remember giving up on Isaac Asimov because I read his first book Pebble in the Sky, it was awful. Later when I was a poor broke college student, I picked up one of his later books from my roomate because I couldn't afford to buy any of the books I actually wanted to read, and I loved it and have been a big fan ever since. Yeah, first books are tough. So...let me go back to writing my first awful book so I can get to writing my second one.

Cate Masters said...

If the book premise is strong enough, I'll try an author again after not necessarily liking a previous book.
I have yet to read any of your books, but hope to rectify that soon! :)

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Chrys! What interests me is how The Consolation Prize keeps selling. It sold more in the month than my new release which seems odd to me. Not that I'm complaining!

Arlene,my pal, yes when and if and when and if I get these in print - you shall have your copy!!!

Fred - that's a good point - about Asimov - not you!!! You might not have finished them, but you've already written more than a first book with the number of words for the historicals!
Well, I'll send you Falling for You - your wife might like it!!! I'm sure you don't need any lessons in that department. Nor your wife - ooh deep water - drowning.

Well Cate, I'll send you Falling for You - see what you think!!

Thanks for commenting, guys!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Well,I'll send the ebook if you let me know your email addie.
bjel at btinternet dot com

D L Jackson said...

I'm more likely to walk by it if I didn't like the first, especially if I didn't finish the first. Shrugs. I know what I like and I usually don't give second chances if the book was really bad.

Ginger said...

I was a bit confused about getting Falling for you and finding out it was different characters, I was hoping to read more about Chloe and Luca! What about their baby and their life story?? I am a first time kindle owner and downloaded your book Consolation Prize, thinking it would be more like the Twilight Series but was shocked and surprised to read the "Twilight for Adults" style! I loved it so much that I will read more of your books and I can't wait to dig into Falling for you again today. I am speed reading through your books and love every minute of it! It takes me far away from my kids, work, marriage and has given me fabulous inpiration for working on my marriage if you know what I mean. My request is that you continue the story of Luca and Chloe and make their story a true series. Keep up the great work!