Monday, July 18, 2011

Want a bargain??

I don't know why but 'Power of Love' is on offer on Amazon.

How can you resist!!

Power of Love - Erotic £1.06

OR $1.70

Joe is a lost soul.
When Joe is killed in the line of duty, the result of a blunder by his girlfriend Poppy, he ends up stuck between worlds, not quite in heaven, not quite in hell. Heaven is Poppy lying in his arms, hearing the sound of his name on her lips as he makes love to her, again and again. Hell is the knowledge that to save Poppy, he must convince her to let him go.
Poppy is a soul lost.
Joe was Poppy’s heart, her soul, and since he died she’s lost it all, including her sanity. Everywhere she looks, he’s there—talking to her, touching her, sharing ice cream, showers and making love to her like there’s no tomorrow. But tomorrow does come, and letting go of Joe could destroy her.
Sometimes love lasts a lifetime. Sometimes love reaches beyond death. Sometimes…love lasts forever.

Book two
Digging Deeper


Archaeologist Beck isn’t expecting much to come out of this summer’s dig. While his colleague spends the summer in Italy, Beck draws the short straw supervising a group of archaeology students excavating on the grounds of Hartington Hall in Yorkshire. Little does Beck realize when he saves a redhead from the attentions of an amorous ram, that this accident-prone female will throw his ordered life into chaos. The last thing Flick needs in her life is a digger, because some secrets are meant to stay buried. Very deep. But Beck is irresistible. She’d love to get him into bed, though after the incident at the swimming pool, the collapsing wall, the snake bite and the unexploded bomb—a hospital bed looks more likely. As their relationship lurches from one disaster to another, Beck has to delve deep to get to the bottom of this irrepressible redhead. One thing is clear—you never know quite what you’re going to find when you start digging.

Moreover - Lucy in the Sky is out in paperback - today!!


Arlene said...

Lucy in the sky is out in paperback!!! Yippee. There's just something so cool about holding your books in hand, and I look forward to reading this one again.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Arlene. I've ordered mine!!