Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bouncing back

Daughter and partner had great fun bouncing on the castle hired for her party. I had a go. Boy, is it hard work. I don't know where kids get their energy. Still, I went on several times.
Bouncing on that was still easier than bouncing back from bad reviews. I can see now the value in using a different name for different genres. I really thought I didn't need to, that a warning a book was NOT like my others would be enough. Clearly not. Still, I'll try to bounce back - but my bounce will have less spring in it.


Fred said...

We want a picture of you, too! Let's see it!

I'll definitely keep the nom de la plume advice in mind since I'm working on two generes.

Arlene said...

That looks like so much fun. What a great idea for Nat's party.
And, you will bounce back from that thoughtless single star.You deserve a galaxy and if two out of 999 billion fans dont get that, dont hop up and down, bury them like the vamp king of Lousianna, under a mountain of concrete.