Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Writing the ending first -

Apparently lots of people do that! I suppose I do know how my stories will end - happily ever after - snigger - but it's never occurred to me to actually write the last two paragraphs before I start. I always have a little difficulty with the final few words - partly because I'm sad to finish, partly because I want those words in particular to be perfect.

A few of my endings!

“Home,” Matty said.
Turner smiled. “Home and you’re ours forever. It was in the small print.”

Caspar stared into her eyes and smiled. His star had risen. That star was Ally.
“Don’t need to,” he said. “My wish has already come true.”

Then things went on as though nothing had happened, but inside Piper, the life that had waited for just the right moment began to grow.

“Not as lucky as me.” He got to his feet, swept his little bolt of lightning into his arms and stalked toward the coach house. “Life’s perfect.”


Fred said...

Great, now you've spolied those books because I know those characters live.

I think I'm on my third or fourth version of my ending.

Arlene said...

And then there's me, taking a decade to even begin to approach a colorful demise.
I dont think I could ever write the end until the end. Beginings and ends arent easy for me. As is all the stuff in the middle.