Monday, August 15, 2011

The Creative Process

My ideas for stories come from everywhere - dreams, life, music, books. I usually grab the thought and run with it - I lie in bed in the moments between waking and really waking and consider whether the idea would make a story. If I think it will, I write it. No prep, no plot, no nothing - other than a few random notes of things that occur to me as I go along. I might end up with seven pages of ideas by the time I'm writing chapter two.

BUT - when I see the calls for specific submissions - I think - oh can I come up with something for that? Usually the answer is no, because I just don't think that way. I can't start with a premise and then write a story if it wasn't my premise. It doesn't even have to be a premise - even something like - we're looking for vamp stories with a twist - has me scratching my head - unable to come up with a single original thought. I did manage to write a story for ARe's competition but that was only after I reread the requirements and realised I could write any paranormal story I liked. I really want to write a one night stand story for Decadent Publishing - who are Soooo lovely - but can I think of anything? NO.
I'll keep trying but I've realised that I'm creative in a very specific way! My way.


Fred said...

Shoot, and here I was going to ask if you'd write a love story for the boy with chicken heads for nipples.

Arlene said...

Geez, where does Fred come up with these images? !
Your way, Barbara, seriously works and I hope you continue sharing your amazing ideas with us forever.

kparks said...

Just keep doing what you do, because you do it so well. Just finished Kiss a Falling Star and picture reminds me of the book!