Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Short versus long

Well, anyone who reads my stories knows that I write l...o...n...g. That's not to say that I can't write short - two freebies for Ellora's Cave, a short for Ravenous Romance and a slighter longer story for EC called Snow Play. Well, I've written two more short pieces. Pause for applause. One I've sent in for a competition. When I don't get anywhere with it - how's that for confidence!! - I'll offer it as a free read somehow. The other story is about 10,000 words - a paranormal romance that I hope is funny. I've tried to make it funny so of course, it won't be.
Rambling over - what I wanted to say - was how hard it is to write short stories. They are a different life form to novels. It's so hard to fit everything in and end the thing in a satisfactory way - a twist, an aaahhh moment -but definitely HEA>


Fred said...

I don't think I could even write a short Birthday card these days. Long windedness is definitely in my blood.

By the way, you didn't eat that little puppy on the roll, did you?

kparks said...

I've read 2 of your shorts and 3 of your full lengths. All good, but I am partial to the longer stories and the character development. It goes without saying that once in a while a quickie can be rather enjoyable. To the point with a SWEET ending!

Free...I love free, where is the free stuff?

Finished An Ordinary Girl...loved it! Ash and Noah *sigh*!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Um - I thought we had that in common, Fred! Your prose is much more elegant than mine though.
And yes - that puppy was delicious!!

kparks - so glad you enjoyed An Ordinary Girl - part of the inspiration for that story was that the photographer for my daughter's wedding last year - cancelled three hours before the event!!! The replacement was definitely NOT a Noah.

Fred said...

By the way, I hope you're staying safe in all that craziness you wacky Brits have going on over there.

I have no doubt that we will soon have our own version of what's going on there, because we're out of money. And we have guns, so that should be fun.

Keep your head down.